My emotions aren’t aligned neither are my chakras. I feel the difference, there’s some things out of place.

Staring in the mirror, my tie dye shirt reflecting my aura, murky rays of color which once were bright and aligned.

As I continue this online course, that I’ll later announce, I notice that there is blockage, misalignment and damages within the mind, body and soul that I must fix. Remember I mentioned I haven’t been feeling like myself, I’m beginning to understand how to get back to my true self.

My emotions are in a tie dye effect, mixed together, intertwined. Chakras all out of place, do I have the healing power? I ask myself, I know myself deep enough to know what’s missing, taking a toll on my body and why I am stuck in this bubble. I have to know how to overcome this, I am in control, only I can fix this.

Time to lock in, shut out and get in tune with myself. Time to master the art of truly remaining myself with no disturbances in my aura, no extra baggage and self confidence on a Billion. This is the path that has been curated for me, this is my test to see how I’ll overcome and how I use my journey to transform lives.

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