The countdown begins, I’m excited to have come this far. Creating a program isn’t easy when you’re hard on yourself, constantly critiquing yourself and being stuck in fear of rejection.

I got the program down pack, I’m telling ya I have the formula. A couple conversations with organizations in hopes to collaborate, none really falling through; but I didn’t stop there I got something new. No, I’m not going to get discouraged and toss out the program. Ima just build up my credentials to show these organizations why it’s in their favor to partner with me, I got a spice they’ve never seen.

I’m here to help change lives, on a larger scale at least. I put myself in their shoes and find a way to come out succeeding. I’m in it to win it, but I noticed all this time I was actually afraid to take the risks. I’m awake now and ready to conquer all wins, transforming lives from inner city housing to owning acres. Working to create generational wealth one hood dreamer at a time. I went through a lot to feel this great, I had to feel it first hand to actually walk the walk. It’s time to talk the talk and turn the volume up on my dreams, that is to be a mentor, leader and motivation to the youth. Help council and prevent others from going through half the stuff I had to. I helped myself beat it all, now it’s time for me to provide some services for you all.

I’m loud and in the face with it after this. I was under construction for a while but this new wave I’m about to create will be legendary, working to build up mindsets, creativity and opportunity using my life experiences. I prepare for the worse so even my small accomplishments pump me up. Get ready for Day 60, I’m taking risks with this, are you in?

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