Pay attention to the signs, as they will help bring about your faith. Big or small the signs will be there it’s up to you to recognize them.

With age comes responsibilities with responsibility come stress with stress comes lack of self-care and with lack of self-care you aren’t nurturing yourself enough.

Rather you live your life for you and not what society deems normal you may have a chance at fulfilling your true purpose on earth. Find your niche, what’s your hobby? What brings you the most joy? Are you happy with your life the way it is?

Trust me I know it’s easier said than done but you got to want it as bad as you need to survive to break the curse of generational ties. Today we aim to build generational wealth in order to leave a legacy behind. To teach our younger ones an easier path to get it and show them that dreams are actually tangible; we’re kicking down doors and shifting energy to manifest greatness that’ll rub off on those around us.

It’s about the bigger vision but we must live in the now in order to really reap the fruits of our labor. Thinking too far ahead may trouble us in the now but living today as we have envisioned for our future selves will help build us to become the best version of ourselves we see fit.

It all starts with you and your passion and your dreams and your desires to live a better life; the balls in your court be sure to pay attention to the signs.

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