I’m working to become so connected that all my worries vanish. I mean on a spiritual level, connected to the universe, connected to my self conscious, connected with my aura, connected energetically, just connected.

The faster I master my connectedness spiritually it’ll come in the physical. I’ll be connected to the point where I’m the PLUG. I mean that in the humblest way, connected to the point where I have all the answers, people and positions to help connect others with their dreams and destiny of course. I will be so filled with positive connected energy that I’ll never have time to worry about all that’s going wrong in the world around me. I’m here to live the best connected life I can and fulfill my purpose here on earth.

It takes practice, determination and hard work. I’m in this for the long run, how can I be myself and not feel like myself I’ve been asking myself for weeks. I’m awake now and I’m working to get right back, that comes with time and patience and I cannot wait to be reborn into my connected self. The object is to be as connected as I possible can, move as many mountains as I can and most of all help an abundance of individuals along the way, with connectedness I will achieve all, it’ll manifest in my timing and be specific to me.

Are you connected? What do you desire most? How will you get there? Are you being your true self? (Because your aura will be unbalance if you aren’t true to YOU!)

Let that sink in…

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