You can’t move when your car’s on E, you have to gas up. Same goes for your body, be sure to treat it with care.

I’ve noticed I get so caught up in the day around me that I don’t focus on myself within the day. Let me break that down:

Countless scrolls on my social media feed, watching people portray the image they see fit. Monday through Friday I’m at the day job dealing with a ton of entitled individuals and a call center that barely takes the load of calls off of us, scattering through paperwork and being the bearer of bad news. On weekends I’m catching up on what I missed during the week being tired from my day job, only to really get overwhelmed and just want to rest. No time to eat properly, sleep enough hours to qualify for my beauty rest or get a workout in. I’m captivated in the world around me instead of being myself within this crazy world.

I say this to make a point to take care of yourself first, everything else will fall in line. If you are not at your greatest you can’t juggle it all effortlessly. Get your beauty sleep, make sure you’re eating enough and actually doing what makes you happy; don’t forget to blow off some steam at the gym, track or yoga mat on your living room floor. Trust me I’m within my transition process and it feels good to be getting back to my true self, living for me, make time for everything else. It’s moments where I slip back into the norm of surrendering to the world around me but that’s apart of the process, I’m breaking a habit so it won’t be easy and I like a challenge anyways, it makes for a better story.

Reflect on yourself, really reflect and make sure YOU are at the forefront and make time for everything else after. What good are we to the world if we aren’t true to ourselves? Answer honestly and you’ll notice the world is missing something, that juicy cherry on top of that ice cream sundae, YOU ARE THE CHERRY, YOUR TRUE SELF IS WHATS MISSING IN THIS WORLD. Gas yourself up and show the world what you’re working with.

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