“I’m surprised I made it” he said, sternly correcting him “No, you’re THANKFUL!” “You have guardian angels, a bunch of family praying for you in the waiting room and Aunt Yvonne on the prayer line for you.” I emphasized.

My family defeated a heart break I’m not sure any of us would of been able to overcome. Although extensively extended with about five family trees connected, my family is rather small when it comes to from diapers to adulthood. It’s literally a handful of us left, we’re breeding but that doesn’t take away from the losses within the generations. Prayer goes a long way.

I need you all to be thankful for the loved ones you still have on earth, show them your love, call them, check on them and most of all don’t hold any grudges because life is short.

“When you get better, stack your money and stay out the way” I advised. A slight pause, one finger up “Stay out the way” he responded. Assuring me that he heard me and agreed. My family is full of warriors, in emotional times we come together without question. Near or far we make it happen, the support will be felt and the love will be genuine.

The icing of this story is when momma love came out and said “he said, Nana said some real shit to me.” That alone made me feel like I accomplished my goal, it don’t stop there though. The recovery process may be lengthy but I’ll be a phone call away assuring the overall goal is met and he knows the support stretch up the east coast.

God hears our prayers and he gave him the ability to pull through when he didn’t think he would make it. We here celebrating though, where’s the YACK?!

Say it with me “GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!”

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