“I just made 10 M’s today, that’s all facts” – Lil Uzi Vert.

Tighten up sis, we gotta be ready for the blessings. I had a talk with the universe and our time is near, she gon tell me “get skipped if you want to”. Told her “yea ight, we getting it right, we on board”.

Reality check yourself, forgive that burden let’s shed the negativity and get to it. I’ve been bottling it all in but I cracked the glass over the devils head, we lit.

When I listened to all the “you can’t bring everyone up with you,” “you gotta worry about yourself” blah, blah, blah. My spirit began to resist, it’s always US or nothing, I envision my journey with my dawgs right by my side, we all celebrating ‘08 style might even gotta go back some more ‘06 backyard party vibes. We made it through the mud, it could of went any other way, we living though. Early morning business meetings, afternoon press run, evening talk show, nights by the pool counting up M’s building Billions.

Do ya hear me? Get in tune with what your vision is and let’s work together to make this shit happen. Enough to relate to the anthem, we giving BBN till we popping Chrome Heart Tags, counting 10 M’s a day sis, that’s all FACTS.

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