My vision, my desire, my objective, my drive is bigger than life.

The reason I battle with pain is bigger than life, I was born a warrior there’s nothing you can throw my way that’ll destroy me. Pain is my strength, I am Spartan built with a billionaire mindset sauced up from the Robinsons to the Vailes blood line. I’m juicing myself up in these post to show you all how it unfolded.

All the obstacles my family continue to face was supposed to shelter me, set me back a big, shut me up for a while to deal with the pains. I got a different narrative, we all up in this BIHH, in the mist of my transition I face everything the devil had planned for me but with my father guiding me I have defeated his motives.

I swear I see it in all my sisters, my team have come face to face with the worse of the worse we are a few kids in and we managing, there’s billions to be made between us and a unbreakable energetic connection to be made between the universe and us.

Watch how this manifest, I am the glue, I am the light it is my aura that has a deep rooted connection with each of them, it’s something about me that people gravitate towards. Ima lead, we ganna get this paper, that business we discussed watch how we manifest it, the land I want to buy for us is being worked on by the universe we just gotta be prepared when it’s ready for us, that tv show we talked about watch how we change the dynamic of reality tv, that play I said ima write is in the works I’m still living through the experiences be patient. Do you understand what I mean now when I say it’s all bigger than life?

I was bullshitting, we here now ya, my mains ganna feel this, that light is back, remember that fire I had a few years back, yeah I’m back torch in hand. I promise ya my next book and business ganna show ya I’m back, this shit bigger than life, I was tripping. Lets get connected, I need ya and I need ya to need the old Nana back, demand her if you see anything less, we here though.

My vision, my desire, my objective, my drive is bigger than life.

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