Don’t let the Corona Virus back you into a panic, quarantine yourself and get to work.

This is your time to catch up on projects and explore new ones. Think of this as your self-care mini staycation. Do all things you’ve been searching for time to do, how about some research on that idea that’s been circling in your mind. Lets utilize this time wisely and get this show on the road. If it’s exercise, look up some home work outs and practice that, you may take a liking to it. Maybe it’s finally getting a chance to finish that book you started or focus on your business proposal. Lets take what life has handed to us and make the best of us.

I’m ready to tell my day job I need to quarantine myself and take full advantage of this much needed time off. I take this as a sign from the universe, I’ve been complaining about not having enough time to get things done without taking it upon myself to shift my priorities. All I’m saying is, find the good in this situation, take all precautions and don’t let this state of emergency trick you into forgetting about your dreams.

At the top of the year I said we giving Big Billionaire Boss Vibes all 2020, seems like everything’s spiraling out of control lately but don’t let this Corona Virus back you into losing sight of your vision. Lets defeat Covid-19 by getting active, time to put in work.

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