Is it the love or hate that drives you? If it’s hate I feel sorry for your fate because the universe can only dish out what you put in. To lead with love is to proceed with happiness, to focus on the positives over the negatives beyond that it’s fostering excellence.

Given the time we’re in, I take that leading with prayer works. Only if you allow it, when you really mean what you say in your prayer it is heard ten times louder up at the pearly gates. Don’t let any distractions cut your time short with the one you believe in, if it’s nobody and you’re leading with hate, I hope that those who pray for the world is enough to save you from your own distraction.

It’s ultimately up to you, how you want to lead. Clear out all the noise and focus on what truly moves you. Take time to free yourself of any burdens you’re holding on to, let go and love the life you live because your existences may be the key to another’s.

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