Don’t let anyone put your future at risk, let alone your health. With all that’s going on in the world it is up to you to protect yourself from others selfish ways.

Headed to work wondering if I was to contract the virus would my job care? Yea I know my coworkers will but beyond that would the company genuinely care? Would they cover medical bills? Or would they still rather put us in jeopardy against this pop up of a virus?

The answers I hope to never find out. The most selfish thing I’ve seen was one who may have been exposed to someone with the Covid-19 but still possibly placed myself, other medical workers and patients at risk. Yea she wore a mask, no gloves though and she sanitized but still it’s common courtesy to not put others at risk just as other doctors did this week.

Remember I expressed I would take this time and focus, I felt the universe sent me a sign. If this isn’t another sign to put myself first because clearly others act selfishly, I don’t know what is. After today I am going to take a step back. Praying that I did not contract anything, she was in another room than me so I shouldn’t worry but with the numbers tripling I have all rights to worry. Simply praying that I don’t put others in danger.

Please be cautious of anyone who’s willing to put you at risk no matter the sacrifice, your well being is far more important than adding to the successes of a company that may not care if you get sick in the process.

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