“ I am BOLD in all that I do, I am BEAUTIFUL in every way, I am BRILLIANT in all things colored and social, I am BRAVE with prayer in my heart, I AM BECAUSE I BELIEVE, I am BECOMING a BETTER me !” _Dashana M. Robinson-Vailes

I have to remind myself who I am, I have to repeat it to myself so I can get out of my own head. Flooding my brain with positive affirmation, draining out the negativity I place upon myself. It’s up to me to push myself beyond the limit in order to live in my truth. Less “I wish”, “I can’t” and “why me” and more “I believe”, “I can”, and “I’m prepared to receive”.

I have trouble facing my anger instead I talk myself out of dealing with it. For a long time I thought I was overcoming the anger, I was just suppressing it. Now I know it’s all up to me, what I think triggers my emotion and the more I think of things that anger me, the more I will walk around angry. Today I vow to fill my thoughts with all the good I have to offer, my talents and all things positive that boost my spirit. Starting with waking up and going to sleep staring at the infamous quote found on the cover of my book ‘Dream Reach Achieve Prosper’. I know I can do more but I’m focused on what I have accomplished and what I am working towards, everything else will fall in line.

I challenge you to pick a quote that moves you and set it as your screen saver, print it out frame it and place it in your room or memorize it and recite it every chance you get, especially when those poisonous thoughts creep back up. See how it’ll effect your thinking.

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