I can’t seem to shake this feeling of grief. Knowing it’s going to get worse before it get better eats at me daily. I’m busy putting the pieces to the puzzle, in hopes that one isn’t missing.

Knowing there is so much going on in the world that’ll effect us drives me crazy. How can a land of possibilities fall like this? Where is the stop button on all bad in the world? Who is really in charge of calling order here on earth?

All of these thoughts bouncing around in my head while I work to keep it on straight. I’m starting to accept the fact that what goes on around me fuels me and stop hiding from it. The world is going to hurt regardless if I face it or not. Why not let my voice be heard beyond my blog. I’m fierce, outspoken to say the least, it’s going to take a lot more than suppression and a racist coon to silence me.

My duty is far from done, I take it has just begun. These daily posts are helping me more than you know.

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