In the heat of a deadly virus, I’m up and at em’ on my way to work.

A couple people within the practice sadly have been diagnosed. What do we do next? In light of containment they blocked off part of Atlanta to try and get the virus under control. With lies and manipulation many began to riot; specialized press conferences to attempt to keep everyone at ease. Still people could see through the cover up. I just wonder when our wave will pass.

Numbers are being thrown around, I see no funerals. They enforce a quarantine but what is that really? if there are still many of us who are required to put our lives in jeopardy. I’m on the subway headed to work, the trains are under packed, that’s a great sign but what I’m dreading the most is getting to work and dealing with ‘entitled’ patients who don’t listen to ‘officials’ by staying home unless it is urgent. Patients coming in with children putting them at risk, you wouldn’t believe how many of them still cough without covering their mouths, spreading germs, the whole nine.

In the heat of a deadly virus, I’m up and at em’ on my way to work.

Exciting times.

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