12 I can see third cart in on a downtown express D train, masks that is. A few covered their mouths and noses with articles of clothing; is this HiStory repeating itself?

Social distancing is hard for those who are obligated to show up for work.

Today’s train more crowded than yesterday’s, why is that I wonder. Numbers are growing rapidly in my city, what are we to do? I’m not into all the half-assness, if we ganna lock the city down to crack down on this virus we can’t just close a few things and expect “essential workers” to show up at work risking it all for half-assness. I know signing up for the job is a risk in and of itself but how will we overcome a deadly pandemic if all “essential workers” are stuck at risk daily?

Lets make sense of it all, schools are expensive for prospect “essential workers” many have the desire but and stumped when they think of the high price of schooling to help the world. How are these jobs hardest to get when HiStory repeats itself. This is not the first and is far from the last pandemic.

14 more on the platform of 125th street train station, masks that is. If you sit back and think about it, there are 4 different train lines that go to similar places but all branch off into their own direction. There’s no effective distance, germs are spread by the second and it’s hard to catch them all.

Needless to say, I’m sure there will be a long way to recovery with the baby step, half-assness going on in and around my city.

The city that never sleeps are laying thousands to rest behind this coronavirus. They say history repeats itself well here’s for HiStory.

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