Running late for work, I could careless though. Karma struck so fast, I take that careless act back. Now I’m stuck on the platform with many others waiting on a local bound downtown train. It’s been over 15 minutes now, 5 express trains done passed, oh wait here comes another one pulling in.

This is a horrible way to start my day, they say “social distancing” keep it 6ft from others. How is that possible when us “essential workers” have to find their way to work and local trains are barely running. All this is a risk that I don’t think is fare for us to take. Doctors are calling out but we still are mandated to come in until this virus starts trickling down the chain.

Here comes a local train finally, I’m already a half an hour late. Creeping back up is that careless act, why do I care when they don’t care of the odds placed against us? I’m torn between putting my foot down and assuring I am making money during this time.

What good is the money to me if I am sick or worse, dead?

There’s a decision to be made because this is beyond me now. I’m sure God is sending all these signs for me to take a step back and focus on my business and health during this time. This may be the last week I got in me risking my life, this isn’t my passion so the risk is outweighed by my true passion. Time to make some changes.

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