“Run me my moneyyyyy” – Big Worm voice from Friday.

If your inner Big Worm don’t show up when you’re making excuses for yourself, YOU’RE SHIT OUT OF LUCK!

It took me to make it towards the end of the book “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, chapter “Money, Your New Best Friend” for me to realize I’m shorting myself. Hit me so hard I put reading on hold to give you this piece. I’ve been tip toeing on egg shells for YEARSSSSSS with my ideas, dreams, plans and business structure. I took a few chances too, but never fully invested in them always with some self doubt in the mix. I literally see now that I’ve been holding back so much because of these unbelievable beliefs in my head. Overthinking, panicking and simply shorting myself of the greener grass.

I’m writing to express to you that it is super important to be real with yourself. Check in with yourself, no one around just you and your inner Big Worm. Give it a go, find the time and try it out. If you’re anything like me, an expert at making people believe everything is okay, be sure to focus on stopping yourself dead in your tracks. There’s nothing worse than fooling yourself for years when you could of been manifesting the life you desire.

After I finish this book, ima get right and have some great challenges for you. Lets build each other up with our talents and face our fears. There is power in thought so clean out your mind space and lets lock into the life we desire.

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