There’s a thin line between depression and “I’m okay”. We’re programmed to put up a front like we are alright, not knowing that we low key begin to believe we are okay. There are situations to be confronted, emotions to be expressed and hearts to be healed.

It’s very important to be real with yourself, time for a sanity check. No hiding feelings, pretending to be okay or bottling up emotions, it’s on you now. Focus on what’s actually bothering you and why, is it serious? Is it worth your energy? Does it benefit your overall health?

If the answer to any of those questions is, No, do yourself a favor and let it go. I know “easier said than done” but if you keep that mindset up you’ll learn to overlook those draining situations, you’ll actually mean it when you say “I’m okay”. Lets build one another up because there’s a lot of people gathered at the line with an agenda to crush others to build theirselves up. We won’t fold, depression is one hell of a place and we should prevent visiting there at all times.

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