I don’t care if it’s uno or a round table full of arts and craft materials. Get that connection going, before it’s time to run back outside. We’re desperately waiting for this to pass when we should be making the most of this lock down. Lets start with that idea you put on hold.

Grab some materials for this exercise, if you’re a visual or physical learner, grab what you need and get ready. I don’t know how many shows I’ve caught up on or how many movies I’ve discovered in the past few days. One thing I do know is I failed to create. If you’re anything like me you’re slightly disappointed at the amount of hours you let pass by but I’m here to remind you it’s never too late.

I have a ton of arts supplies but they’re just collecting dust. I have urges to utilize them but I let storylines draw me in, instead of drawing my own up. I know it’s not too late because I have already pushed my movie idea to the side a while back. It’s time to bring it back to life, I claim I’ve needed some time off to focus on the evolution of the story and here it is, flaws and all. In the mist of a pandemic I can flesh out my idea that once fueled me. I have all the tools I need and the extra time I searched for.

Look around at your materials, you remember that idea you had and utilize this time in effectively. Head to the draw board and get to it. I can’t wait to see what greatness comes out of this quarantine madness.

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