My atmosphere is coming together perfectly, each addition adding its own touch to my room. Crystal trees and an assortment of scented candles. My fathers picture holding it’s own section in the corner near the window, sitting up high on a shelve framed in silver stars.

My small two shelve book collection, hanging tight on the left side of my desk. Notebooks and electronics to the right. Two day old vintage photo of baby Nana to the far right it’s a framed picture of twenty five year old me, fine as can be. Alway near me as I work, reminding me daily how far I have come. From not reading much to growing a collection. From days old to a grown woman. I am reminded of my journey daily, grounding me in my truth as I work my way through life.

My DRAP table runner covering the back end of my office space, topped off with a fire pink plaque dead center of the table, labeled “This Girl Can!”.

Reminders are important, I suggest you fill your room with special reminders so that your brain is constantly processing all that enhances you and builds you up, the additional touch. Check out a few additional touches I added to my room:

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