Its still dark but early, time to get ready for work. Turning over at 4:45am my alarm don’t go off for another 45 minutes but I’m up still. A good nights rest was well needed now time to attack the day.

Time for some breakfast followed by these new herbal pills. The reviews are outstanding, I hope to clean out my system and be filled with more flowing energy. The ability to not feel sleepy all day long, is a dream to me. Lets pray these actually work in my favor and some greatness comes out of these.

In the habit of clearing out toxic ways, it’s time to flush all the mucus and waste out of my body and kill off any symptoms of a cold with some ginger tea. I start my morning the positive way in hopes the rest of the day follows suit. I write early morning to get my brain flowing, off the wake up I turn over and sort out my thoughts for each piece, with inspiration and lessons in mind, I find a way to send a message.

Today’s message is: the early bird gets the worm first, with your health at the forefront focus on ways to kill off any sluggish ways and always remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Wishing you a prosperous rest of the day.

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