Yea you, have you figured it out yet? It’s quite simple, you know your strengths and talents lets put them to use.

What are your passions? What brings out the creator in you? What brings you true happiness? How can you turn it into a side hustle?

Think about those questions, really think about them. Start writing out your answers and get your brain going to figure out how you can profit off of your passion. The idea is to build generational wealth, which means you need multiple avenues of revenue. What better way to start than putting your talents to use?

We get sucked into the norm of simply surviving that we miss out on the fun stuff. We hardly enjoy what we are doing on a daily because we have bills to pay and sometimes settle for jobs that we don’t enjoy. Focus on creating your side hustle to your taste, with hopes that it’ll turn into your day job. This setting you up to enjoy the work you do and giving room to focus on another passion.

All it takes is for you to start asking yourself questions and answering them truthfully. Figure out how to enjoy your life everyday by cranking up your focus on that side hustle of yours. Time to get to work, feed your passion and create that side hustle you probably didn’t even know was there.

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