I am a product of my environment. My environment reflects me, deeper than that I am in control of what I let fuel or effect me.

Things I once complained about, Ive learned from. Those obstacles I faced within the diameter of my environment, I’ve grown from. The demons I came face to face with, did not break me. It was all a roller coaster but I came out wiser, stronger and prepared for whatever God places in my path.

There’s a lot of negative stigmas around coming from inner cities. One thing that is undeniable, WE ARE WARRIORS. No doubt about it, we’ve endured so much pain, betrayal and trauma but we still find ways to survive. Given the circumstances we are not supposed to live full lives, but they fail to realize the beauty within these neighborhoods.

There is hope within the invisible walls of my environment, it’s hard to see though. It’s there, it’s tangible and it is available to all of us. As a kid I withheld so much passion for a better world for my people. Through writing, creative projects and the projection of my voice. There was nothing that could stop me from speaking or writing my piece exactly the way I saw it.

I know there is some kind of spark within you. Don’t let your environmental situation stop you from dreaming big and using your voice as a powerful tool. The stigma within our environment will try to fool you into thinking your voice doesn’t matter or your message isn’t valid but never stop at anything, let those challenges fuel you.

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