I’m not talking quarantine, I’m talking since the start of a chaotic year. I knew it to be the year of many accomplishments but I’m sitting in the house stressing over this damn corona virus.

My step father lost his aunt to this madness. There’s so many people gone in a matter of 93 days, I had to just sit back and have a day to myself. To just be and catch up on my TV shows, get rest and stay in bed until the TV powered off. Now I’m back day 94 with a mind full of ideas on how I can take back the year where I once felt … was mine to say the least.

I’m starting now so when this madness is contained I know that I’ve been working towards better days. For my girls and me to rise up and empower many, to give others chances at their lovely fantasy. I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing things I have to offer. It took a day off from the world to reset my drive, the madness was overcoming me boiling up inside. I’m refreshed and I’m pleased to say I’m utilizing this time to network at my best. Day 93 what a wild start.

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