Procrastination is beyond me. It’s such a comfortable, anxious filled nonchalant moment in time. Mixed with a bunch of excuses, I find a way to trick myself into staying at procrastination a bit longer.

Remember back when the dead line for that paper was 11:59pm? Now remember back to the moments right before when your brain was going a thousand thoughts per minute. Focused on meeting that deadline giving it your best last minute effort. As words meet sentences you realize what a special gift you have. This is your best work, when you’re under pressure, when that clock is ticking.

Now notice the good in the comfort of procrastination. Don’t let anyone mess with your process, all I ask is that you be honest with yourself. Try giving your self a little extra time each paper, proofreading is essential like us medical workers in the wake of Covid-19. Find a better reason to start that project sooner than later and see how it turns out. Sometimes we work in a specific system that can use improvement. Once you know what that is, challenge yourself to get uncomfortable for a bit.

It’s double post day, let the small keys to beat procrastination sink in. One time for my fellow procrastinators, I know the struggle turned celebration.

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