As the day comes to a set, my thoughts begin to rest. Wrapping my mind around those things I’m beginning to manifest. In a cozy snuggle with my fluffy robe, I’m ready to put my body to rest and let the universe take over the rest.

In the mist of a world wind I cut out time to focus on the life I intend to live. I use to side eye the idea of a mantra but best believe I got my mantra written down in my phone for easy access. Manifesting the life I desire and nothing less. As I fluff my pillow and find my perfect spot and visualize it over and over. Over the Smokey grey late night skies, I envision my life under the stars of my accomplishments.

Lights out, candles lit the soothing sounds of my meditation music. I’m setting the vibe nice so that I awake with my future life on my mind, in a high spirit rising my frequency up a few notches.

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