Ever pop up out your sleep in a panic? You know cold sweats, wondering what day and time it is. As your heart rate drops so does the panic, you can finally process your surroundings. That sudden coat of hysterical calmness covers your body slowly.

That dream was either too good to be true or a total disaster, either way it’s a lesson to be learned. You’re not late for work, you didn’t leave the pot on and it’s only been a few hours of sleep. You may or may not remember the dream as detailed but that rush that just shot through your body was moving. Sometimes the wake of a panic is simply a wake up call between your conscious and subconscious. There’s work to be done and your body knows it. That mantra you visualized last night before bed was circling your mind so much the body reacted.

That quick feeling of fear was nothing to the subtle realization that there’s work to be done. It was showing me that fear is temporary and completely up to me to focus on it or not. It’s just as if you’re buckled in on the Kingda Ka at Six Flags and them still seven seconds send your body up in a panic, after it blasts up at a rate your mind can’t even gasp, you’re twirling downward and the ride comes to a halt. You made it in one piece, it wasn’t that bad and that long line was worth facing the fear of the fastest rollercoaster at Great Adventures.

Show that rollercoaster of a panic that you’ve survived worse and your fears are put in place for you to overcome and just as you did the last you will overcome this one.

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