It’s zombie land out there, as I head up one, over one, up one again on my way to work. You see a few other essential works on their way with a hint of regulars just doing their normal grocery shopping and laundry.

In the mix of all this quarantine life madness I feel the universe hard at work. If it’s not a sign, it’s a wake up call and I don’t mind either. It’s my job to be prepared to accept the blessings. I’m here to suggest you open them eyes and pay attention to everything you’re experiencing and add some purpose to it. No matter how small or rough it is, there’s a lesson to be learned.

I am filled with joy knowing that one day I will fulfill my purpose as a writer, creator, director, life coach and all the other hats I will wear in my lifetime. I can feel it brewing within me and I cannot wait to be fully prepared to embark on the life I desire.

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