It’s days like this where I’m most relaxed. My anxiety still there hidden behind the calming sounds of the storm. It’s the anticipation that keeps my anxiety going.

Sleeping late to the tunes of the rain drops tickling my bedroom window. It’s the most relaxing feeling, knowing it’s a day to simply stay in bed catch up on rest and binge watch a few shows. It’s usually gloomy which makes it easier to fall sound asleep. I’m in a daze on days like these, I feel like my mind is being cleansed as I reset my focus. The only thing I’m worried about is having the greatest sleep for certain, wake up refreshed and at my best for whatever comes next.

Time goes by and the suns back out. I get up and stretch so I can start on my mission, to find balance in my time with my work and self care. Resting sometimes seems like a bit much when you can be using that time to put in work. What use in putting in work when your bodies not fully recharged and energized?

Exactly, find your balance in order to conquer your days when them spring showers come by and create gloomy days. It’s just something about the rain that puts me in a rainy daze.

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