In the comfort of my pink plush blanket, that’s where the magic happens.

I mean the brainstorming, planning and research is done within these cozy covers.

It’s important to understand the process in which you create, to protect it from anything negative that gets in your way. Treat it with care and most of all avoid clutter because the neater your space, the easier it’ll be to create. I’m speaking from experience, I can’t seem to function with a mess on my bed, I need my pillows fluffed, my blanket warmed by my bodies process in creating at best. I need some light and soothing sounds to drown out any other distractions. There’s are just a few things that puts me in the mood, it’s something about the switch up I’ve done to my room.

Have you sectioned off a spot in your home to create? Do you treat it with care and recognize it’s there? Did you find your unique environmental style, that amplifies the magic you are about to create?

Take a moment to find your Magic Space!

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