Ever find yourself back at square one? Ever look back and wonder how did you let yourself get to the same point once again? Ever felt blinded by it all until it’s crystal clear when it all falls apart?

Yea me too, most times I’m hard on myself other times I can barely process it all. I’m not perfect so I’ve doubled back a few times forgetting the reason I turned away in the first place. There are lines I know I’ve crossed and here I am again crossing them once more. This time around I will not be hard on myself. I will dissect, learn from and move on. Focused on too many things at once can cause chaos and I’ve had my share of that. Time to pace myself and get in the groove, just as Stella did. There is no benefit in running from your problems, there’s only buried bruises that will come to the surface again.

I’m beyond that now, I love myself enough to take pride in all my decisions, even the bad ones. I am aware of the light I bring to the table along with a list of other things. I am free today of burden, stress and everything else that doesn’t put a smile on my face. I am free today because I let go of all grudges. I am free today because I notice now that it is all up to me, to be FREE.

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