Every morning I wake up, stay in bed with my eyes closed just to have a talk with my father. Many times my subconscious put together powerful words it believes he would say in response to all that I come to him with. Most days I come to him with thanks and appreciation. This particular morning, I did just that as well as a morning meditation.

Yesterday was tough but it was also freeing. I decided to push further and use morning meditation, candle lit, diffuser with orange mixed with lemon grass oils filling the aroma of the room and a cup of ginger tea to aid the release of all negativity I’ve held onto over my life span. Headphones on blast to block out any outside noise, locked in on the task at hand: chakra healing through meditation. Using a YouTube video to guide me. This is a process that I will have to repeat, one meditation session will not do the job and simply saying “I release all the negativity with in me and accept all the positive the universe has available to me” won’t wash away all the pain I’ve suppressed.

This is what my mornings consist of now, beyond rolling out the bed and sluggishly getting ready for work. I will make it my life’s work to perfect this morning routine with an end goal of chakra alignment, positive living and a healthier life. There is more to be done but I will take it one step at a time and reveal it all in days to come.

The idea is to figure out all that is hindering me, blocking my blessings and putting a strain on my physical health, to face it once and for all. Once faced, I will be able to move past it and let it all go freeing my spirit of all that is weighing it down.

Ever given thought to revising your mornings? What is your morning routine? Is it setting you up for a productive day? Is it freeing?

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