Where I’m from, you’re born into the deep end. Poverty, police brutality and a bundle of other depressants. So our fight to survive is a maze with no exit, you have to burn the whole maze down to overcome the deep end.

You are trained to possess anger and use it against your peers if they test your gangsta. There’s an everlasting list of things that we shouldn’t do, interfering with our intuition and true selves. Think about it, the more someone drills the “what not to do’s” into your mental the more you lose parts of yourself. Don’t let that happen to you.

It’s all designed for us to fail but let me give you a little tip. All it takes is for you to want to succeed as bad as you want to breath for things to get the shifting. Working hard to stay focused and putting in the work. You have to let the deep end drive you, to want more and actually make a way to get more out of this life. Let the deep end be part of your story but not the death of you. Many don’t make it out because there’s not much opportunity here, everyone isn’t working together to make it out. Instead there’s a lot more damage that we do to one another.

There’s beauty in the struggle, especially when you make it out. Ima need you to figure something out, we all can make it we just have to want it bad enough. We were picked to prevail through this madness, each story different but the success stories are fantastic. Don’t you want to look back and see how far you’ve come? Don’t let the odds set against you defeat you, rather you find a solution and come out victorious. The deep end is programmed for us to fail but remember many made it out, it’s tangible to say the least.

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