I seek you as one day others will seek me. I search for you as people will one day search for me. I submit to you as one day they will submit to me.

There’s a lot to unpack will you listen? So much so that I am anxious to be vulnerable with you. You can’t judge right? Like that’s against your morals right?

Okay so here we go, are you ready? I come to you to make sense of this all, how could this be if this is what is? I really mean well, I swear I do but how can this person really play me? I know everyone is not built the same as me, but how could I not expect more from my bestfriend?

Given all that I’ve encountered in my life span there’s just some things you don’t do. I really can’t help the way I react, I was taught to suppress it, shut down and move along. Can you see how these all got me right here with you? I’m just trying to succeed and lead a positive life, do I really have to face what I’ve worked so hard to move past?

My sessions up with my therapist but the conversation is not over. Until next time, I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with my twisted life story because that’s not even the core of why I am willing to overlook these copay’s weekly.

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