WTF is the norm beyond this pandemic? I am unsure. How can death numbers be rising but businesses are set to open? This is out of control. Why must we pay for the lack of security from those who knew this virus was coming? Why are we the ones they target in the attempt to open back up?

I’m so over this virus and the government. How come people on earth are so damn selfish? Why must life be this way? Why must it take a women of color in a seat at the table to beg us to stay home despite what the governor of Georgia has to say? This year is really beyond me and we aren’t even 6 months in yet. It’s draining, aggravating and over the top to say the least. How do we overcome a widespread virus like this?

I don’t believe a word ya president has to say, so we are really screwed. How can the majority of you “MEGA” supporters really overlook the bullshit that this sad case of a president represents. A person who possibly sweep the possibility of a deadly virus under the rug simply to seem like he corrected it, gave out millions of dollars and all the other shit he openly rejected for my people. This is all above me now, I simply turn to the universe and leave it in Gods hands.

I want to leave you with this: pay attention to the signs, dig in them history text books and see the similarities, them MEGA supporters out here locked and loaded without a care in the world, not much news coverage either. Dear my people, stay ready so you don’t gotta get ready when the war comes. I’m sure it will eventually.

It’s time to brush up on the power behind the Black Panther Movement and do our ancestors proud.

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