A wise man once studied the layout than remixed it.

He did his homework without even knowing where it would get him and came up with the wildest idea.

With determination at the forefront he made it happen. There was some mistakes in the process but that’s expected when your desire over powers your fears. He learned as he went and succeeded in the process.

Think of something you really want to do, if it’s to write a book, prep for a movie, create an album or simply complete some online courses, go for it. Study the area in which you wish to embark on and figure out the blue print, Jazz it up a bit and don’t ever feel bad for being a bad ass while you’re at it.

The blue print is key, I know that now. To be a teacher you must be a student and to succeed you must study the industry you wish to succeed in. All it took was a webinar for me to be woke to the opportunities around me.

I give thanks to Carl Michel for the free Gems he dropped in his webinar yesterday for those authors looking to self publish for the first time. He also showed how to relaunch your existing book and I was sold. The blue print equals your foundation and he taught me that, expand your horizons and try something new because I met him on another webinar. Now I plan to reinvest in my book through services he offer.

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