There’s this joy in being a women that I’ve been missing out on. There’s so much power that comes with this I’ve been blinded this whole time. I had to take a day off to enjoy the duties of a woman.

Early morning detailed cleaning, traded my mom some of her infamous pancakes for Sunday dinner made by yours truly, along with a long wash day featuring my 4c hair. Juggling it all felt good, filling the voids with simple woman responsibilities gave me such relaxation on the Lords day.

There is so much more to life than what isn’t or what if, living in the now can bring you more joy than you expected. Being open to giving all your energy to the good and what makes you happy will overpower anything negative trying to trick you into paying it some attention. I felt so good doing the simple things I love to do, I noticed the change in my energy as I accomplished each task, especially being that it was wash day.

Moral of the story, find what excites you and be sure to implement it into your days. There’s so much power in being a woman, don’t let that power go to waste.

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