There has been a heap of signs sent my way. From the lyrics in the music to the ads on the trains. I’ve overlooked it for sometime now concentrated on things out of my reach.

I’m focused now more than ever. Each day I get up and thank my father for allowing me to see another day, semi healthy and able to go to work. There is so much to life that is available to us yet we waste our precious energy on all the chaos around us.

I challenge you to check yourself any time you notice your energy is misplaced, even down to your thoughts.


It’s nothing greater than pure happiness and that is a choice. The sooner you realize it is up to you to be happy the sooner you’ll be able to check yourself effectively. There are always signs, opportunities and people that are heaven sent. Only way to fully receive them is to be ready for the blessings.

I’m clocking in and handling business. This feeling is unmatched, the joy is fulfilling. Happiness looks good on me, I’m sure it looks amazing on you too, will you choose it?

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