My mother birthed a King, my oldest brother. Three years into life and he already has responsibility, to protect me of course. Growing up I always felt I was here to do the protecting.

He knows I can hold my own because I have always been strong. He let me learn on my own and his facial expressions alone gives me his brotherly response. I know that I had much to live for with two amazing role models. My mother and my big brother, my fathers an imaginative figure but his presence is always felt. A whole lot to work towards and some big shoes to fill. My emotions run wild and my reactions haven’t always been the brightest but the way they carry themselves with ease is all the peep talk I need when I go off track.

I appreciate this day because it is apart of me, beyond this world our souls will meet reconnecting again. There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do to see my family smile everyday, they’re apart of the motivation that keeps me pushing these days.

May 2nd should go down in history. I know it will in my family tradition. Honoring every last one of us for our existence, being one in family and love. Coming together in dyer need and celebration. Today I end the night with a letter to my brother, he’s a big thing he deserves it.

De’Shon ‘Teaser’ Genius, I love you and can’t wait till you’re exceeding every last one of your expectations. Happy Birthday old man, to infinity and beyond my brother.

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