The order in which life goes is a living mystery. Begin searching for the good in the order and you’ll soon understand why you were meant to go through so much before the blessings come along. Time to gas up.

When you feel unconnected make it your business to get connected again. My idea of recharging is placing these responsibilities on hold that take up most of my energy. Find time to catch up with my girls and have a young night. Relax and practice self care for a weekend. Listen to that audio book while you juggle the rest of the requirements of life. Cut out time to simply read a few chapters of that book you purchased a while back. Time to gas up.

Soon you’ll find that you’re half way charged up. Throw on that music that gets you in your zone, blast it, sing loud and dance a little let that energy fill you up some more now we at 70%. Hit that workout you’ve been putting off and pick up them fresh fruits and veggies you’ve been waiting to get. Take out time to stare in the mirror and remember who TF you are in this world. Remember your dreams, ambitions and desires. I bet you’ll feel great after and be fully charged for the blessings we are about to manifest. Time to gas up.

It’s all out there available to us, are we available for it all to come in now? Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Maintain that glow sis and lets level up. You got this, I’ve seen you come out of worse more fearless, show them what you working with, time to gas up!

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