Gather them all, round them up. It’s time to build up your catalog. I mean dig deep, sort through old emails, notebooks and all those projects you had to turn in. We rounding everything up, sometimes you just need to see all the work you’ve put in throughout the years to get that boost of confidence.

I’m digging through it all, I’ve been a writer before I could even process the idea of becoming a writer. There is so much passion put into papers, projects, multi-media pieces and my sweet twisted poems. I’ve done a lot in life and never give enough credit to how far I’ve come. This one is for those of you who struggle to see the growth in yourself, take a day to simply look through everything you can think of and let’s build up a portfolio.

There is extra money to be made in every field. In my particular field there’s an endless need for freelance writers, editor or copywriters, I meet most of the requirements just have to juice up this portfolio to sell my work. That is why I am here today to share the jewels, let’s get ahead of the curve and polish our talents so we are always ready for any opportunity that may align with our energy. It’s time to round up.

The idea is to be as prepared as you can to feel as confident as you can to conquer that new work opportunity. I’ve come to a point in life where I do not want to work for others but for the right price I can write a few pieces while I fund my own business ventures and continue to build up my portfolio writing for others. Lets note that this is mainly to enhance your credentials and build up your portfolio some more, this is not to get comfortable writing for others because we are bigger than that, more talented and deserve to capitalize off of our unique writing styles.

What is your passion? What’s your talents? Can you capitalize off of it? Do you need more content to add to your portfolio? Lets round up all we can to kick start your portfolio process !

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