Who would of knew from meeting at the chicken spot we would become a thing. Years went by but you always had a heart of gold, no pressure just support and a little flirt. My bestfriend before this relationship, that’s why when we clash we always find our way back.

My favorite line to you “this can be apart of our crazy love story”. Usually said when I just had a tantrum and go a bit to far, you always understand though. Two beings who share so much in common, both losing our parents to gun violence gives this love a different atmosphere, you get it, you understand the pain and mood swings. There’s a void we both aim to fill in absence of our parent, though the fulfillment different we get one another. How do we manage? By letting love lead, even when we get hard headed our love brings us back stronger each time.

I am thankful for this journey and to enter your Dirty 30s happy and healthy. Conversations get deeper, businesses coming together there’s something special here and we both know it. Growing each day, learning from one another and being able to relate on a different level. I want to wish you a decade full of good health, wealth and happiness. I pray all your wishes and dreams come to reality and I cannot wait to witness it all.

PS. We in this for the long haul, I know one day we will transform lives side by side. We will help guide the youth to avoid all the obstacles we had to face. I know our conversations will soon become reality. Your guardian angles protect you daily and they will protect you through any endeavor. Love you my love, Dirty 30s we ready for this new chapter.


Baby Girl.

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