I am open to learning new techniques.

I am open to new opportunities.

I am open to unfamiliar experiences.

I am open

I am open to fresh energy.

I am open to clearing my aura.

I am open to a healthier mindset.

I am open

I am open to blessings.

I am open to better health and wellness.

I am open to brighter days.

I am open.

I give thanks every morning and night, for the simplest of things, like having all five of my senses. I appreciate the life I have today because I know I wear it well. I am honored to be from an amazing bloodline of passionate individuals that it trickles down to me. I am proud to finally see through the fog that has been crowding me. I am FREE, I am OPEN, I am ME.

This is me when I goto sleep so I can wake up refreshed and nourished by positive affirmation. As I drift off to the sounds of meditation music and envision myself as I wish to be, happy and healthy simply creating content that’s all I need. Focused on my faith, family and businesses living life freely.

I am open to all the possibilities of a polished version of ME.

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