Top of the morning my #CrownedPanthers, thank God it’s FATHERLESS FRIDAY.

I am overcome with great energy. I honestly feel him more, my father of course. It’s like I know what he wants me to know or it could just be my subconscious playing tricks on me.

I am happier today because I am writing from a place of joy. Some Friday’s are harder to write and tap deep into my emotions. I am all about transparency but the mixed emotions alone drain me. Today I lead with knowing he is proud of me, I can feel it.

This transition is amazing, I can see clearly now. I feel the passion for writing racing through my body with all kinds of stories bouncing around in my head. There’s this fire in me again and I’m so happy to share it with you.

Focused on a larger picture but I’m still living in the moment. I wear this Fatherless hat so well, I’ve come so far and today I want to let you know that you have too. If you’re no longer mad at the world behind your fathers death or like mine, his murder, than you have come a long way. If you can see the positive in any negative situation, you have grown. If you stop your negative thoughts before they are completed, you’ve overcome the hardest part.

It’s about changing your mindset so your energy is vibrating on a higher frequency. I encourage you to read a book on changing your mindset for the better, I promise you’ll begin to notice the toxic traits and aim for change. Once that change begins to happen, life will become less foggy, you’ll feel more free and true to self.

Thank God it’s Fatherless Friday. Today I lead with love and happiness because through the grey sky my father still shines down on me. I challenge you to practice putting your happiness first, focus ONLY on the things that bring you joy, create something you can be proud of and fight your urge to entertain anything negative. Watch how your Fatherless Friday’s change for the better!


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