I mean beyond measures, I’m stretching in all aspects of life.

Given the shift in my energy I am more available to receive the unimaginable. I am alert to all my possibilities, as long as I keep this up I’ll be able to achieve things I always dreamed about.

Process of elimination is what puts the icing on the cake for me. When you shed off those layers you open up room for refreshed energy and opportunities. That’s what I am doing these days.

There’s something about yoga that has me drawn in. I have not began to practice consistently but: I am doing my research, I am downloading apps, purchasing books and envisioning my inner yogi. This all brings me such joy as I know fulfilling my desire to learn how to stretch beyond my current tense body will.

I even made it my business to bring my Sistas along for the ride. I miss high school days when we were care free, when we use to dance, play basketball and even created a step team. Those were the days we were most creative. I decided to have my girls commit to an hour one weekend day to have a virtual “Sista Circle Zoom Link Up”, dedicated to self care and wellness. Intended to keep us connected, motivated and stretching beyond measures. With this my Sistas will see that I am grounding myself and becoming one again, they will see the brightness within me and understand that I am simply being my enthusiastic self aiming to help empower others.

That’s been me since the start and they were there to witness the changes in my life. I need them by my side for the rebirth, this transition is special to me and I am honored to have loyal friends turned Sistas in my corner as I am in theirs to entertain my antics and grow together.

They aren’t even aware of how extra I’m about to take this zoom link up, I need my friends as much as they may need me in our busy lives. One hour out the weekend is manageable as long as we are all open and focus on one common goal: to catch up with my Sistas over a hour of infused fun and self care ideas.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for the support you need to excel. They may need it just as much as you, it’s about finding the time in your schedule to focus on yourself. What better way to do that than to link up with your girls and have a great time?!

“Mimosas on me, mimosas on three.” I can hear me now hyping us all up after stretching beyond what any of us could of imagined. I hope you get creative and take control of your life in different ways. I’m a giver, I’m a nurturer so I am setting myself up to succeed with the ones I love and care about.

I mean beyond measures, I’m stretching in all aspects of life.

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