Starting my mornings with a cup of tea and morning yoga. Shower than breakfast before my day job.

When I find myself stuck in bed simply because I have to be to work later, I check myself mentally and get up out the bed to start my mornings. There’s nothing worse than wasted time and I have the tendency of wanting peace more than I want to work to fix my energy levels.

There’s something about a nice hot mug of tea combined with yoga to start your mornings. It’s the focus on breathing that helps me expand my body and stretch in ways I never knew I could. The joy of simply getting closer and closer each ‘bound angle pose’ is what puts the icing on the cake for me. Seeing the growth in my body’s expansion is satisfying.

It’s something as small as a 10-15 minute morning workout that gets your body going. I have long Tuesday’s at my day job so I am finding ways to assure I have the energy to get through the day without asking “Where’s 8pm?”.

I encourage all to find some happiness in your life to get through long work days especially in the current pandemic. With anxiety at highs one must find an outlet to bring balance and become grounded. We’re looking at everything as glass half full, all them empty thoughts are not allowed. Find peace in everything that you do, no matter how hard it may be, always remember you are better off happy than tangled in mixed emotions.

Lets be thankful on this amazing Tuesday. We are alive, we are well, we are able to choose the life that we want and work hard to reach that point. Don’t you ever forget it.

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