The signs are everything but overwhelming, they are motivation, they are fuel to my passion, they uplift me and most of all they open my eyes to the endless possibilities available to me.

From finally having no cap on investing in myself to new music feeding my soul for spiritual growth to an expansion in my happiness. The signs are powerful and empowering, if you know you know, there is something special going on in the universe. As soon as you realize the way you think, eat, carry yourself and talk effects your well being, the sooner you’ll find your happiness.

Keep your eyes open, be optimistic, get uncomfortable and fuel your passion. All of which will give you the boost you need to live in your truth, find your happiness and embrace the world as is. Focus on what you can control, check yourself first and cut out anything tugging on your aura.

Always remember to dream big, reach far, achieve as you grow and you’ll prosper beyond what you’ve set out for yourself. All things are tangible, get focused and lets make progress together!

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