From time to time you must seek peace, leaving all the hectic antics outside. You must ground yourself in purity and focus on the things you can control. Lastly you must be soulful and show gratitude.

On this #SoulfulSunday I let time pass me by and just enjoy what is. I visualize the life I desire but I simply am thankful for all that I have today. I know there are brighter days coming but why wait on those when theirs a sunny day right in front of me. It’s about balance and clarity, seeing things for what they are and accepting it as such.

It’s time to unwind and feel the GREATNESS around you. I emphasize greatness because it’s all about what you make it, even the nastiest storm brings about blossoming flowers. Gather your thoughts, let them free, close your eyes and think of where you want to be, if realities too much for you at times just focus on what will be.

There is peace in letting be and letting go. Put your focus in all that excites you over the things that grinds your gears. Find some security in your true self and live it up, it’s time to unwind and give your attention to all that you’re are blessed with thus far.

It’s time for my bath and face mask, to lift my spirit and add to this glow. Im about to escape into some calming self-care activities and simply thank God for all that I’ve achieved big or small; while I drift off into the island of my choice manifesting the vacations to come.

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