We take risks every single day of our lives, why not take risks on your dreams, desires or passions?

We put our lives in the hands of others daily from taking cabs, public transportation, ordering food and the list goes on. Why can’t we simple go for the things we want the most?

It’s fear, the fear of it not falling through or being rejected but what about when your Uber cancel on you while you’re already out front waiting? How about when you have your mind set on a meal and it’s sold out? Even when you get all the way up two steep hills to find out that the train is not stopping at your station?

All these things happen and interfere with our lives on a daily so why not go for your dreams no matter the outcome? Stop overthinking and simply go for it, it’s better to take the risk than continuously putting it off. We live in a world where trust has to be gained but we literally are putting our trust in the daily risks we take. Why not trust that your idea is good enough, your dreams are tangible or that you’ll get the job you mostly qualify for? It can be done, we make it through any other risks we face and if we don’t we learn from it.

The risk factor is apart of our everyday life, stop being hard on yourself and overthinking your next move. Take that risk to advance your life and don’t look back because for all we know we’re probably the ones blocking our blessings simply because we are afraid to take risks.

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