There is something special about the phrase “booked and busy”. I’ve had so much time on my hands growing up that the packed schedules are a gift and curse.

Today in particular I have a long day: my day job and back to back virtual workshops. I am grateful for the blessings that are beginning to unfold for my friends and I. We all have so much on our plate but handle it with ease, no matter how overwhelmed we may become the goal is to stay booked and busy.

I tip my hat to the mothers of my goddaughters, with big dreams, day jobs and children to tend to they both deserve the biggest celebration after this quarantine. There is something about their drive and determination to create a better life for our princesses that fuels me to keep going no matter what life throws my way.

One is an active teacher in graduate school with dreams of being an actor and much more. The other is a credit repair agent, managing other agents at the same time who also has a day job with dreams of being this huge TV personality. Both amazing mothers who face challenges you wouldn’t even imagine but never let anyone see them sweat. These working women are my sisters. This is just the surface of who they are and where they are going in life.

With similar visions we all keep each other on our toes. Some dreams connected others specific to each of us individually, overall we will be booked and busy together one way or another. I am honored to have friends with the same drive as me who motivate me as much as I do them.

The idea of being booked and busy is what pushes us to face everything head on. Strengthening our mindset to withstand any sudden obstacles on our path to success. It’s long days and non-stop meetings but I am grateful that we are finally manifesting the life we desire.

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